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Wucm_1395005928 Dmitri Hvorostovsky: Pushkin & Petersburg
Comments (2) | F-small (6)
Missing Kevin Heath | 17 Mar 10:06 It is quite a shame that he has become such a caricature. He had immense talent.
Theoperasingerwm-802x1024 Katie Henderson | 17 Mar 09:06 This I would have loved to see!
Blzj_1391527815 Peter Grimes: English National Opera
Comments (1) | F-small (12)
Theoperasingerwm-802x1024 Katie Henderson | 07 Feb 23:53 Unfortunately I must agree.
9emc_1389119141 Otello: Teatro Carlo Felice, Genoa, 29th December 2013
Comments (2) | F-small (9)
150026231307982242_csgn7bvc_b Pirkko Virtanen | 21 Jan 18:40 I have always been intrigued by Kunde, he must have been great in this role!
Missing Kevin Heath | 21 Jan 18:31 I was lucky to see this performance, a truly impressive achievement.
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Royal Opera House Live in Sofia, Bulgaria Tomorrow!!! Don't miss it
22 Apr 17:16

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150026231307982242_csgn7bvc_b Pirkko Virtanen | 22 Apr 20:04 Excellent!
Clare McCaldin
In the Zone
Here's a link to a blog post I put up on The Singing Entrepreneur's own site this week. Some of you may recognise the concept of the Stretch Zone from our work together last month in Belgrade. Keep up the good work everyone!
Comments (1) | Singer / Mezzo | F-small (4) | Share
Img_1415 Ingeborg Pettersson | 22 Apr 11:36 Very nice article, thank you for sharing.
Masterclass Chant lyrique
19 Apr 20:30
3 & 4 mai 2014 Cité Internationale des Arts (18 rue de l'Hôtel de ville - 75004 Paris - M° Pont marie) Intervenants : Valéria Altaver (Technique vocale) Karine Laleu (Direction scénique) Virginie Martineau (Chef de chant) Tarif : 250€ (prise en charge DIF, CIF et AFDAS)
Comments (2) | Stage director | F-small (4) | Share
Img_1415 Ingeborg Pettersson | 22 Apr 11:35 Do you only teach in French?
K._laleu_portrait_couleur Karine Laleu | 22 Apr 11:46 Hi, Thanks for your comment. I also teach in english and german. The rest of the team can teach in english too. have a nice day.
Julietta Kocharova - Chi il bel sogno di Doretta / La Rondine
17 Apr 20:02

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Julietta Kocharova - Cäcilie (by R. Strauss)
17 Apr 20:00

Comments (1) | Singer / Soprano | F-small (4) | Share
404679_2756231099883_302403635_n Tea Dervisbegovic | 23 Apr 15:39 What a wonderfull song, than you so much Julietta for sharing!!!!
Musical World - António Ferreira
15 Apr 13:17
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Operosa Opera Festival
"Romeo & Juliette" Auditions
15 Apr 12:03
Auditions for the up-coming Operosa production of "Romeo & Juliette" will be held in Belgrade in May 2014. Participation is by online application only at  and the deadline for applying is 5th of May 2014. You will receive an invitation by Operosa online messaging service with the time of your audition slot. Applications are open to All voices, Assistant to Conductor, Assistant to Stage Director, Assistant to Set Designer, Assistant to Costume Designer. Engagements are offered by production contract, understudy and internship.
Comments (0) | Opera & festival | F-small (12) | Share
Operosa Opera Festival
Chorus Auditions
14 Apr 22:34
Comments (0) | Opera & festival | F-small (3) | Share
Stunning modern music!
13 Apr 21:21

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Operosa Opera Festival
Academia Announcement
09 Apr 19:40
Operosa Academia is pleased to announce the launch of Singers' Individual Coaching Sessions at Operosa Belgrade premises. Sessions are available in repertoire, style, language and vocal technique. For more information and to book your coaching session please contact our Operosa Academia Coordinator
Comments (1) | Opera & festival | F-small (6) | Share
Oper! Olivera Ticevic | 10 Apr 20:06 Great!!!
Operosa Opera Festival
Operosa in "Sunday evening" show RTS 2
09 Apr 13:45
Tea Dervisbegovic from Operosa Opera Festival interviewed by Mr. Dejan Durovic in the Nedeljom uvece TV show on Serbian national TV RTS 2. Duet "Come ti piace, imponi" of Vitellia and Sesto from "La Clemenza di Tito" by W.A.Mozart performed by Ana Petrovic soprano, Maja Mijatovic mezzo and Tea Dervisbegovic at the piano.

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Teatro Sociale di Como Winner Opera awards 2014
08 Apr 09:36
Teatro Sociale di Como Winner Opera awards 2014 @TeatroSociale @THEOperaS @operamagazine
Comments (0) | Stage director | F-small (5) | Share
Clare McCaldin
Hvala, Operosa!
My first experience of Belgrade was my visit last week in the company of my colleagues Darren Abrahams and Arlene Rolph. We were there to work with Operosa students and share our Habits for Success in the areas of Identity, Business and Performance. We were welcomed so warmly by everyone and learned a great deal from all of you - teaching is a such a wonderful, two-way process! Thank you for a great first experience in Serbia. I am now a Mentor on the Operosa site and look forward to talking to you all on here.
Comments (4) | Singer / Mezzo | F-small (10) | Share
Photo Carmen Angel | 04 Apr 19:13 Hello Clare, I would liked to participate in this interesting workshop. Sounds great! I hope you and also your colleges will share many good tips for young singers. Thank you!
Img_1415 Ingeborg Pettersson | 06 Apr 14:40 I would like to send my students to participate, will you have soon event in London? Or Germany or best for us in Sweden?
Clare_mccaldin_2011_1395664034 Clare McCaldin | 07 Apr 17:59 Carmen and Ingeborg, thank you both for your interest in the work we did at Operosa. The Singing Entrepreneur will be doing more in the future and we are currently making some plans which we will initially share via our own website: Keep an eye on that, but here too, and we will be sure to let you know what is going on. In the meantime, keep up the good work and thank you again for your interest in what we do at The Singing Entrepreneur. All best wishes. Clare
Verdi a Modo Mio - DeA Kids Sky TV
06 Apr 11:31
Every saturday morning, at 10 a.m., watch our VERDI A MODO MIO on DeA Kids Channel - SKY TV Italy 601 602. Verdi a Modo Mio is a lyric talent show for children based on our AIDA.

Comments (0) | Stage director | F-small (5) | Share
New look for my website!! Visit, share and click "I Like"!!!!
04 Apr 18:22
Comments (0) | Conductor | F-small (6) | Share
Operosa Opera Festival
The Singing Entrepreneur at Operosa in Belgrade, Serbia
04 Apr 15:36
"Make Your Career Your Business"

Comments (2) | Opera & festival | F-small (5) | Share
Photo Carmen Angel | 04 Apr 19:16 All singers look so happy and excited! What did you tell them?!
Img_1415 Ingeborg Pettersson | 06 Apr 14:42 Looks like it was very nice and happy! :)
Rigoletto Preludio (Final)
03 Apr 19:56
A short clip from Rigoletto's Preludio! Gioacchino Pensato rehearse with G.Verdi Orchestra (Parma)

Comments (0) | Conductor | F-small (3) | Share
Happy Aida! :)
03 Apr 17:56
Dancing singers, dancing public, dancing press office... The notes are the ones of the world-famous hit "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, that has recently infected streets and squares throughout Italy and beyond. But this time is the cast of Aida Opera domani... 2014 who ran wild at the Teatro Sociale Como-AsLiCo, which has the mission to convey the passion of lyric opera even among children and teenagers. Take a look! :)

Comments (2) | Stage director | F-small (4) | Share
150026231307982242_csgn7bvc_b Pirkko Virtanen | 03 Apr 18:55 Nice! ;)
404679_2756231099883_302403635_n Tea Dervisbegovic | 04 Apr 10:31 Happy!!!
New Videos with orchestra and me
02 Apr 19:26
New videos with me and large Orchestra at youtube.

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Operosa Opera Festival
02 Apr 15:04
Master Class of Jennifer Larmore will be postponed until October 2014. All participants are invited to contact Operosa for more details.
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