La Serva Padrona

La Serva Padrona

The first Cycle of the Young@Opera project

The first Cycle of the Young@Opera project will start with the opera “La Serva Padrona” by Giovanni Paisiello, in Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbia. The beginning of the project starts with four performances of this opera in Bulgaria, in February 2018. The tour will be continued in May in Montenegro and in late November in Serbia.

The opera will be directed by young Stage Director Vladan Đurković from Belgrade and the mentor in Bulgaria is Maestro Predrag Gosta. Participants, as well as mentors, will change with the change of the state, so in this way, the chance will be given to a greater number of young artists.

This project is all about encouraging and promoting young artists and their development, creativity, mobility and culture exchange, so working on this appealing and entertaining opera represents an ideal tool for such an artistic exploration journey.

Concerts in Bulgaria will be held in the following cities, dates & terms::

  • Bansko: February 17, 2018 17:00 PM, Information Center Hall;

  • Sofia: 18 February at 18.30 PM, cinema "Vlaikova"

  • Gabrovo: February 20, 19:00 PM, hall "Vazrazhdane";

  • Pleven: 23 February at 19:00 PM, Drama-puppet Theater "Ivan Radoev".

Tickets can be purchased through the Eventim.


Cast and Crew

Mentor Predrag Gosta
Stage director Vladan Djurkovic
Conductor Milen Apostolov
Set Designer Magdalena Vlajic
Costume Designer Lina Lekovic
Serpina Aleksandra Stankovic
Uberto Bozhidar Bozhkilov
Vespone Yavor Baharov
Vespone Stanislav Ganchev


Piano Bojana Radivojević
Violin Ivan Staikov
Violin Boyka Mladenova
Viola Hristo Arolski
Violonchelo Ivo Aleksandrov


Phelia Barouh

Makeup artist

Slavina Semova

Giovanni Paisiello

“La Serva Padrona”