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#ConnectingOperaWorld campaign

Welcome to our new campaign #ConnectingOperaWorld!

After the successful Operosa Montenegro Opera Festival 2017, Operosa is launching a Forum campaign aimed at connecting opera artists around the world.

We know that opera, as well as many other directions of art, is an important tool of expression and way of life. With this insight we want to give young aspiring artists the opportunity to see how is to be an opera artist in the different countries around the world and present the differences they hold. However, the primary goal of this campaign will be to introduce artists of various opera and classical music disciplines from all over the world, to explore their impressions and experiences of working and studying in their countries. People will have a chance to meet and discuss these topics on the Operosa Forum and to expand their understanding and opinions at hand.

If you are an opera or classic music artist, we invite you to open your profile at the Operosa Forum and become part of this unique network for artists.
Let's share your story with the world!

You can open a Operosa Forum profile with one click.

Your Operosa team.