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Operosa Incentive winner | Operosa

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Operosa Incentive winner

Winner of the Operosa Incentive Award is Igor Pejović with a project of studio recording
of art music supported by the Association of Young Artists of Montenegro!

Igor Pejovic was born in 1995 in Podgorica. He graduated on the Music Academy of
Cetinje at the age of 18. He received an artist's diploma at the Richard Wagner
Conservatory in Vienna. He won five special awards, two laureates, and a number of
first prizes for solo and chamber performances at republic and international
competitions. He improved his knowledge with pedagogues such as: Julia Fischer, Igor
Petrushevski, Michail Kopelman, Zoran Milenkovic, Kees Hulsman and others... He is a
member of the Haydn Symphony Orchestra and the Chamber Classical Concert Orchestra.

The project of studio recording music performed by Igor Pejović and composed by
Milivoj Pićurić is the result of activities within the Association of Young Artists of
Montenegro. The CD will include the composers' piece of young Montenegrin Milivoje
Pićurić and two sonatas for violin and piano by W.A.Mozart (No. 21 and No. 25). The
combination of the World and Montenegrin cultural heritage, in the performance of two
successful Montenegrin musicians, will promote local artistic potential in the best way.

The Operosa Incentive is a reward of support and encouragement of €200
awarded to applicants toward their current career development plan.
The Incentive is open once a year.