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"Lo Speziale" Studio | Operosa


"Lo Speziale" Studio

Haydn’s opera Lo Speziale was presented in Serbia only once, more than half a century ago, in the city of Novi Sad. Our aim in choosing this piece was to produce an interesting and musically fullfiling achievement, never seen in Belgrade before. In the spirit of Operosa the setting was updated, but the place of the story was not a typical modern pharmacy, but rather a homeopathic, alternative medical centre, where one can buy herbs, teas and get prescriptions for all kinds of illnesses and problems. The stage was surrounded by the audience with minimal stage design.

We also used the incredible acoustics of the space by giving the artists freedom of movement. As in many other operas of the time in which the characters are inspired by Comedia del Arte, we developed simple, understandable and precise characters, who are whithin their capabilities fighting for their goals, whishes and happiness.

We cannot choose the ones we love. Happiness is inside all of us and we are all, as much as we can, obliged to find our way to contentment and meaning. Therefore Haydn’s Apothecary tells us, now as it was before, that our receipe for well being ought to be to find no place else but inside of us.


Stage Director Tadija Miletić
Conductor Natalija Mićić
Set and Costume Design Ilija Visnjic
Repetiteur and Harpsichord Tea Đorđević
Sempronio Roberto Jachini Virgili
Grilletta Marijana Sovran
Jovana Čurović
Mengone Stevan Karanac
Volpino Hana Ramujkic
Cecchina Slavca Bozic
Surtitle Operator Sara Stefanović
Video and Photo Ivan Plazačić
Organisation Operosa Studio

Operosa Studio orchestra

Concertmaster Jovana Stosic
Principal second violin: Tamara Komatović
Principal viola Petar Obradović
Principal violoncello Petar Lazarević

Students of the Music School Mokranjac

Violins andrijana ostojic
Ivana Konatar
Teodora Sparavalo
Marija Tunić
Dijana Stavrić
Mina Dinić
Nikola Božić
Stefan Gornjik
Galina Đorđević
Violas Tijana Nenadovic
Tijana Dimitrov
Nemanja Adamovic
Violoncellos Ema Vraneš
Teodora Miljkovic
Nadezda Andjelkovic
Counterbass Dunja Popovic

''Lo Speziale''

Josef Haydn