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Operosa European Opera Days 2015 | Operosa


Operosa European Opera Days 2015

Artists will share their experiences from Operosa Festival and Operosa Academia

In accordance to this years subject "Opera Online" and  in order to encourage exchange of experience and communication between the artists worldwide, we have based our activity online.
On 10th of May, group of singers, directors, conductors and other artists that took part in Operosa events gathered and gave series of interviews that were live streamed on . In addition to this, we have released numerous videos from stage and music rehearsals, master classes, performances and also the interviews that were taken on those particular events. Our intention was to approach the audience through internet and to give them an insight into the roots of opera, opera singer's development, education and career, to give a perspective of the inner structure of opera production and the predictions of the opera path in future.

The day was divided in several groups relating to different topics. The participants shared their experiences in Operosa opera production 2014. of Gounod's "Romeo and Juliette", talking about rehearsals, preparing arias, working with stage director and conductor, they  gave us thorough analyse of what makes a good opera singer, of relationship between stage director, conductor and singers, they have explained what are the duties of each of them and depicted all of that by the stories from their personal experiences. 

From the group about Master Classes we have learned about the importance of constant working on ones technique, of the process of learning and making progress, of the different educational methods, the qualities of a good pedagogue. Finally, we have seen a video of mixed clips from Operosa Master Classes with Jennifer Larmore, Marijana Mijanović, Darina Takova and Katherine Hataaja. The rest of the groups were on the subject of Operosa Opera Studio, having young singers, director, conductor, stage designer, explain the elements of Opera Studio, introducing young opera singers to opera, discussing the purpose of conductor, techniques of overcoming the stage fright, etc.

The theme "Opera Online" was constantly elaborated and each group made a perspective from their point of view of opera in future, modern paths of directing and interpretation, using the technical achievements and progressive ways of consuming opera nowadays using internet.

One stage director, conductor,  assistant of stage director, stage designer, company manager and about 20 singers took a part in this event together with three IT experts, several PR managers, logistic coordinators, editors and assistants.

According to Youtube statistics we were watched from 9 countries. 

Complete program duration is around 2 hours and a half and what is most important it will remain on Operosa Youtube channel as a long-term contribution to opera promotion.