Introducion to Nordic Opera and Vocal Music

Workshop  - Introduction to Nordic opera and vocal music was organized in cooperation with enoa – European network of opera academies. This concert represented a rare opportunity to introduce opera and songs of this region to Belgrade audience.

Workshop - Introduction to Nordic Opera and Vocal Music explored the works of composers such as: Hallstrom, Merikanto, Rosenberg, Langaard, Madetoja, Rautavaara, as well as contemporary and romantic lied composers such as Grieg, Nielsen, Stenhammar, Sibelius, and Alfven.

Swedish conductor Jakob Hultberg worked with young artists and helped in interpretation and connection that have been made through earlier periods of music with roots in Russian, Swedish and Danish, its creativity and influence of their national folklore.

Together with the Finnish pianist Sofia Wilkman, the emphasis was placed on different nuances of the style of this region, as well as the different languages of  Nordic composers.

The possibility of working together for conductors, singers and pianists, gave further substance to the workshop and was a rewarding experience.

The young art team provided a fresh and different aspect of Nordic music to workshop participants, and this concert provided a fraction of the music and its atmosphere to esteemed audience and guests.

The final concert of the workshop was visited by the delegation of the Embassy of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and the introductory speech was given by the Deputy Ambassador of Embassy of Finland, Ms. Päivi Alatalo.