Young@Opera Journey

The Y@O Stage Director: Patrik Lazić said: "Stress before the premiere is a special category of madness for all artists, that’s mess in the real sense of that word. In a humorous way, this piece peaks behind the curtains of the preparations for the formal inauguration but, as expected - nothing goes as planned. Selection of humorous typologies will make you laugh and entertain you, and the music we’re performing live will delight you. I am very glad to be a part of this project. With my work so far, I’ve always paid close attention to creations for a younger audience because I think that, more than ever, it is needed and necessary to bring art closer to the youngsters. In the time of superficialness, speed, internet, populism and systematic stupidity, art has to take over the banner of preserving the culture. On our scene, there are very little dramatic productions for young people, and we shouldn’t even speak about the lack of operatic. That’s why I’m congratulating the coworkers from Operosa on this meaningful project and may it have a lasting impact."