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Niv Hoffman | Operosa


Niv Hoffman

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Niv Hoffman

Stage director

Freelance Stage Director, currently Staff Assistant at the Wiener Staatsoper. I have been working at the Tel Aviv Opera for over 10 years, beginning as a Stage manager, and graduating to assistant, and finally director. I have directed most, if not all, of the opera studio productions, at the opera and with different orchestras outside of it. On the main stage I have staged 2 productions for children: Magic Flute and Cenerentola (both still running). As freelance assistant and revival director I have worked in Antwerpen, Vienna, Rome, Milano, Palermo, Oviedo etc.
In October 2011 I have moved to Vienna and joined the staff of the Wiener Staatsoper.
I am now looking for projects around Europe as a director.