Olina Gyda

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Her voice is both beautiful and powerful.

After working with her, I can vouch for the color of her voice and its volume, she has an astonishing range in her vocal dynamic, as well her incredible physical strength.

The superior strength of her voice and body allows her to sing Wagner and Verdi for hours, at any time of the day.

It is my opinion that singers like ÓLÍNA GYÐA are rare. Her temperament makes her particularly comfortable with the audience as if she were born for the stage.

The manner ÓLÍNA GYÐA approaches her roles and text, is the only way a serious and a professional musician has the duty to pursue.

I believe that ÓLÍNA GYÐA is an artist who would let every opera house shine with her prestige.

I am impressed with various qualities of this talented and charming singer. I’ve witnessed on several occasions her rehearsal ethic which is efficient and precise.

Above all her sincere passion for her work and selfless dedication make for an ideal environment collaborating. She is a tireless employee and works around the clock to insure the highest of achievable artistic standards.

Her good-looking and grace makes her particularly suitable for the stage.

Claudio Rizzi
Pianist /Accompanist / Repetiteur
Staatstheater Stuttgart
Ludwigsburg Schlossfestspiele
Berliner Symphoniker