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Karine Laleu | Operosa


Karine Laleu

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Karine Laleu

Stage director

After an experiment as assistant of Olivier Py in "Mathis der Mahler" Hindemith in Opéra National de Paris, I specialized in lyrics and operas (Don Giovanni, Madama Butterfly, Offenbach, Zarzuelas,...) that I created in Festival Toulouse d' Eté, Opera de Massy, Palais Longchamp & Théâtre Silvain of Marseille,... I work in collaboration with many musicians.
That's how I founded in 2006 with F. Ligier, composer and conductor,
"Les Aléas", a group of improvisation between actors and musicians.
I was stage director for OPT in Marseille and directed theatral interpretation in masterclass of V. Gens, L. Vaduva, M. Delunsch, M-A. Todorovitch, J-F. Lapointe, A. Massis,...
I work regularly with singers
and created a lyric workshop in which singers can work scenic interpretation : Jeu voix...Eye sing.