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Karine Laleu

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Karine Laleu

Stage director

13th November 2014. at 9:53

Karine Laleu

Opera Masterclass

december 13-14 february 7-8 april 11-12 june 27-28 september 26-27 vocal technic : Valeria Altaver piano : Virginie Martineau stage director : Karine Laleu Training for singers : auditions and roles 250€ / session (2 days) Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris) details :!masterclass--coaching/c1mvd

17th November 2014. at 18:39

Ingeborg Pettersson

Unfortunatly the video is not working, I would love to see you working if possible?

12th May 2014. at 13:50

Karine Laleu

Académie Angevine d'Opéra-bouffe (Stage "Orphée aux Enfers" Offenbach)

August 2014 : 1st to10th Workshop "Orphée aux Enfers" Offenbach (1858) DIF, FONGECIF, AFDAS Where ? : Etriché (France - Maine & Loire) Roles : Orphée (tenor) Eurydice (soprano) Diane (soprano) Pluton (tenor) Jupiter (baryton) Opinion publique/Junon (mezzo) John Styx (baryton) Coaches : V. Altaver : vocal technique T. Amilien : piano N. Bercet : musical director K. Laleu : stage director A. Perego : make up infos :!acad/ct0u

01st July 2014. at 7:49

Karine Laleu

2 places left : Jupiter (barytone) and Orphée (tenor)

19th April 2014. at 18:30

Karine Laleu

Masterclass Chant lyrique

3 & 4 mai 2014 Cité Internationale des Arts (18 rue de l'Hôtel de ville - 75004 Paris - M° Pont marie) Intervenants : Valéria Altaver (Technique vocale) Karine Laleu (Direction scénique) Virginie Martineau (Chef de chant) Tarif : 250€ (prise en charge DIF, CIF et AFDAS)

22nd April 2014. at 9:46

Karine Laleu

Hi, Thanks for your comment. I also teach in english and german. The rest of the team can teach in english too. have a nice day.