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He graduated in 2008, achieving full marks cum laude and honorable mention at the Conservatorio V. Bellini in Palermo, under the guidance of M° Giorgio Rosato. In February 2012 he got the Specialist Biennale Master’s degree with honors at the Musikhochschule Karlsuruhe in the class of prof. Nachum Erlich.
With the Fauves Quartet got in 2011 the Biennale Masterclass for string quartet’s degree at the Music School of Fiesole and with the same quartet is currently enrolled in the Specialist Biennale Master for string quartet at the Musikhochschule Hannover in the class of prof. Oliver Wille (Kuss Quartett).
He has attended master classes with several prestigious personalities of music scene as C. Rossi, M. Quarta, M. Pirrone, A. Kerr, A. Vinnitski, S. Pagliani, C. Ostertag, M. Cantoreggi and distinguished himself in both solo and chamber sessions of various musical competitions as the XII “City of Palermo” National Competition, the “City of Barcelona PG” Competition (2006), the XIV “Benedetto Albanese” National Competition (Caccamo - PA) and the second edition of the Eliodoro Sollima Award (Bagheria - PA). Between 2004 and 2008 he played important concerts as a member of the Sicilian Quintet (string quartet and piano), whose performances were popular and highly appreciated both in Italy and abroad (Germany, Belgium, United States, Canada, Australia).
He worked both on the staff orchestra, as a soloist with numerous symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles such as Federiciano Instrumental Ensemble, Curva Minore Ensemble, the Orchestra of the Accademia Musicale Siciliana, Iblea Symphony Orchestra, Accademia Concertante d’Archi of Milan “Gli Armonici” chamber orchestra.
He was selected to be part of prestigious International Youth Orchestras such as the Chamber Orchestra of Mahler Academy of Potenza, the F. Fenaroli Symphony and Chamber Orchestra of Lanciano and was a member of the “Italian and American mixed performers Orchestra” for the production of “La Traviata” at the DECC Center in Duluth at the Italian American Festival in collaboration with the University of Minnesota (USA).
He is currently engaged in an intense activity with Fauves Quartet.