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Oleg Bezinskikh

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Oleg Bezinskikh


Oleg Bezinskikh was born in the little town named Oktiabrsk of the Samara area, which is located in the Volga-region, the heart of Russia. He graduated from the high school and passed examinations to the Samara Art College and had finished it with the great success. While he was working at the television of the city of Pskov he studied at the Leningrad Art College as stage director. Right before the graduating from the college, by chance, Bezinskikh was directed for the audition to the Saint-Petersburg Concervatory. Oleg sang as a baritone and dramatic tenor and was permitted to pass the exams by the jury, but Oleg asked to listen to his another voice, which he called «woman's voice». That made the jury laugh, but when Oleg begin to sing, everybody stopped laughing, and Bezinskikh was admitted to the Saint-Petersburg conservatory and began to study at the class of the professor Victor Yushmanov, Galina Senina was the accompanist. Oleg became the first and only countertenor, graduated from Saint-Petersburg Conservatory for its 150-years history. Oleg Bezinskikh started to give recitals while being a student. In 1994 he was invited in the Wrotzlav (Poland) to participate at the International Festival «Wratislavia cantans». After that Oleg started to prepare the program for the solo recitals and had recorded his first album «The Music of my soul». In 1998 Bezinskikh was invited to take part at the world premiere of the opera of the Sacsonian princess Maria Antonia Walpurgis «Talestri», which was recorded in Berlin, SFB-hall. In the same year Galina Vishnevskaya called Oleg «The Russian Miracle» after hearing him, and he was invited to Evian International Musical Festival of Mstislav Rostropovitch, where he sang the premiere of Giya Canchely's cantata «Diplipito». Moscow conductor A. Sharoev invited him to sing main part at Dmitry Bortniansky's opera «Alcide». Saint-Petersburg composer Peter Gekker in his cantata «Jerusalem» wrote special part with very wide range, particularly for Oleg. Collaborated with «Klezmer trio» Bezinskikh recorded CD «Jewish melodies from baritone to soprano». In 2001 Oleg had toured in USA with Saint-Petersburg Youth Chamber Choir. In 2002 the Mariinsky Theater invites Bezinskikh to take part in the contemporary opera «Tsar Demian» as Giant Knight (At the same time CD «Tsar Demian» was recorded). Later, in 2008 Bezinskikh is sang the aria 'Voice of Christ» in the opera A.Smelkov «Karamazov Brothers».There are not only romances, lieder and operas in the repertoire of Oleg Bezinskikh, but cartoon characters as well. Walt Disney Company proposed him to dub Mickey Mouse for Russia and sing Prince in «Snowwhite and seven dwarves». In 2003 the movie «The Russian Miracle» was presented on the Russian TV by Sergey Gnilitsky. Russian acoustic scientists were very interested in Oleg's voice and researching it. The results of the researches were used in the program «The Conception of the human voice».Oleg Bezinskikh, with his teachers, is always improving his technical and art skills. He believes it is the main thing for the artist. During these years Bezinskikh visited with his concert program several countries including USA, Germany, France, Swiss, Poland, Mongolia, Baltic states. In 2011 Franch studio «Tôt Ou Tard», recorded CD with spiritual songs with Oleg's participation. In 2011 together with the orchestra of folk music instruments of Volodimir City (music director A. Antonov) Bezinskikh introduced an interesting project - classical music in an unusual interpretation of folk instruments and countertenor. In 2012 Bezinskikh released a classical music duets album with renown Russian artist M. Lyudko at the music studio «Bobma-Piter». Also in 2012-13 Bezinskikh worked on the Oberon aria in opera B.Britten 'Dream in the Summer night» (mutual presentation of British National opera and Music Theatre K.S.Stanislavskogo and V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko). In 2013 the production received the prestigious award «Golden Mask».