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Alim Shakh

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Alim Shakh graduated from St. Petersburg Conservatory twice: in 1998 (choral conducting) and in 2001 (symphonic and opera conducting). He was taught by such celebrated conductors and teachers as Fyodor Kozlov (1927–2003) and Ilya Musin (1904–1999). He started out on his career in 1994 when he went on tour with the EUTERPE Chamber Choir around Europe. In 1996, he made his first appearance as an orchestral conductor on the stage of St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall. Nowadays, Alim Shakh is well-known not only in his hometown St. Petersburg. He regularly collaborates with various orchestras in Moscow, Vladikavkaz, Kazan, Norilsk, Novosibirsk and other cities in Russia, takes part in international festivals, holds workshops.
The conductor’s repertoire comprises both of classic works and works of contemporary composers. Among his recent premieres is the vocal cycle "Run of the Time” by B. Tishchenko, dramatic musical “Anna Karenina” by V. Uspensky, "Tragicomedy” by S. Slonimsky, Russian premiere of "Symphony No. 2” by John Corigliano. Talented works of distinguished modern composers have been marvelously interpreted by the conductor so it is no mere chance that Shakh is held in esteem. Here is what Boris Tishchenko, who is really severe in judgment, wrote about him: “…He is excellent at hearing the score and revealing even the hidden rhythm and intonation connections. The conductor’s interpretation by Alim is filled up with profound meaning and logic. When interpreting music, Alim follows the best examples, but does not stick to clichés. He presents the music in his own perception. Such a conductor is a real catch for a composer”. In 2008, Boris Tishchenko composed his Symphony No. 8 which he devoted to Alim Shakh (premiere in Novosibirsk on 20.12.2008, in St. Petersburg on 24.03.2009).
The conductor has received recognition on the opera stage as well. Since 1999, Alim has been working in St. Petersburg Conservatory Opera and Ballet Theatre where under his auspices the following works were presented: “The Tsar’s Bride” by Rimsky-Korsakov, “Eugene Onegin", “Iolanta” and “The Queen of Spades” by Tchaikovsky, “Cosi fan tutte” and “Le nozze di Figaro” by Mozart, “La Boheme” and “Tosca” by Puccini. In 2001, Alim won the award “Artists Public Recognition” in California, the USA, for “Carmen” by Bizet. Under auspices of Shakh, the operetta “Viennese Meetings” by Strauss was staged in 2004 and the operetta “Der Zarewitsch” by Lehár in 2005. Nowadays, the conductor collaborates with the musical theatres in St. Petersburg, Kazan and Novosibirsk.
Alim Shakh is the author of many noted creative projects: He was the first one who held concerts of International Symphony Orchestra “Let’s Make Music”. In 2005 he became a co-other of the new trend in arts called Cinemaphonia (in collaboration with Tonino Guerra, Theo Angelopoulos, Rudolf Barshay, Valeri Gergiev, Boris Tishchenko, Andrey Petrov). The world premiere of Cinemaphonia took place in Royal Albert Hall, London.
Since 2000, Alim Shakh has been teaching at St. Petersburg Conservatory. Under his supervision, the Concert Chamber Orchestra of St. Petersburg Conservatory went on tour to France (Russian Culture Week under patronage of Maurice Druone and President Jacques Chirac in 2004). In November 2004, Alim directed the Conservatory Symphony Orchestra who accompanied to Luciano Pavarotti during his last concert in St. Petersburg.
Since 2008, Alim Shakh holds a position of chief conductor of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra (one of the best chamber orchestras in Russia). Since 2012 he is also chief conductor of St. Petersburg State Conservatory Opera and Ballet Theatre.