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Nicola Simoni | Operosa


Nicola Simoni

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He was born on 7thOctober 1986 in Piove di Sacco (Padova, Italy). He has taken a degree in Piano and in Choral Conducting at Adria Conservatory. In 2012 he has taken a degree in orchestra conducting at Accademia Musicale Pescarese. He studied composition with Roberto Sansuini.
He has specialized in orchestra and choir conducting with M° Donato Renzetti, Filippo Maria Bressan, M°Piero Bellugi and M°Giancarlo Andretta. He is the winner of several competitions: first prize at the national composer competition “Cogli una stella” (Padova), first prize at the international composer competition “Premio Thema 2004” (Bari), scholarship of the Mecenati Foundation for the best students of the Adria Conservatory, scholarship “Bayreuther Festspiele 2012” (Wagner Association-Venice), special mention for the originality of the composition at the “Global education festival of San Remo”.
In 2003 he founded the “Einsten Ensemble” and he was the pianist and the conductor of this instrumental group for three years. With this ensemble he won the international chamber music competition“Città di Padova”. His works have been performed in concert halls and theatres including Ariston Theatre of San Remo, Palace of Cinema (Lido di Venezia). His work “Ronda Andalusa”-for chamber orchestra-was recorded and published by Vialattea Edition (Bari). He is the permanent conductor and artistic director of “Orchestra Giovanile della Saccisica”, musical association and orchestra made up of professional musicians from Veneto. Over the last few years he has collaborated as a conductor with Florence Symphonyetta, the orchestra of Adria Academy, the “Italian Youth Choir”, Orchestra Artes of Prato, the choir “Cantori di San Tomio” (Vicenza), the polyphonic choir City of Piove di Sacco” (Padova), Bellagio Festival Orchestra, the women’s chorus “Latomas” (Venezia) in important theatre including Dal Verme Theatre (Milan), Ariston Theatre (San Remo), Auditorium of S. Stefano al Ponte Vecchio ( Firenze), Fortuna Theatre (Fano).
In March 2008 he was invited to conduct the choir and orchestra “Anima Una” and to give a lecture about the 17th century Venetian choral music during the “Vivaldi festival” organized by the Musical Academy in Minsk (Belarus). In August 2009 he was invited to conduct the orchestra of the “Unione Italiana Theatre of Lobos” (Buenos Aires-Argentina) on the occasion of the reopening of the theatre and in July 2010 he gave a Masterclass in Choral Conducting. In 2011 he was invited to conduct 2 concert for the “Sociedad Espanola” of Buenos Aires. In July 2010 he conducted Carmina Burana (orchestral version) in “Teatro Verdi” of Padua and Palazzo Ducale of Revere-Mantova (Choir Of Padua University, Choir Berthold Gymnasium of Friburg, Ricercare Ensemble of Mantova and Orchestra Giovanile Della Saccisica).From 2008 he teaches chamber music for Conservatorio of Music of Padova at the high school of Piove di Sacco (Padua) and from 2007 he teaches the piano at the music school “Musik’eduka” of San Pietro Viminario (Padua).
He collaborates as artistic director with Associations and Municipalities (Circolo della Lirica di Padova, Artes Italia, Monselice); he is the artistic director of International Masterclass in expressive singing and stage acting with M°Stefano Vizioli (director) and M°Alessandra Althoff Pugliese (singer). In september 2013 he conducted the Pro Art Orchestra at Dae-Yang Hall (Seoul-Korea)