Balint Kasza

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Bálint Kasza was born in 1989 in Subotica, Serbia, and started showing interest in music at the early age. At the age of 5 , he has already played piano and attended numerous competitions. During the musical high school, where he choose piano as his major, he participated in several national and international competitions and won numerus prizes.
Kasza was at this time already Domkapellmeister in the Protestant church, and was also the director of the church choir.
In 2006 he worked with the Teacher's Orchestra and the Kiskunhalas Choir in Hungary.
After finishing musical school, he was admitted to the University of Musik and Performing Arts and studied conducting under the guidance of Univ. Prof. Mag. art. Johannes Prinz. During his studies he gained a lot of experience working and singing in the choirs: Domkantorei (with Prof. Josef Döller), Grazer Oper (with choir director Bernhard
Schneider) Weiz, Knittelfeld, Gleisdorf, Bad Waltersdorf, Linz. He also had a lot of oppurtunities to conduct the studio choir of the Kunstuniversität in Graz.
In 2012, he was rehearsing the Mahler's Symphony No. 2 with this choir. The concert was performed in Paris together with the "I'Orchestre national de France".
The same year he conducted "The Christmas Oratorio" on the Island Elba in collaboration with the choir of the University of Music Graz and the Baroque Orchestra of the Vienna Conservatory.
In 2013, Bálint Kasza performed as a guest singer in Switzerland, where he performed "The Passion" by MIchael Radulescu under the direction of Prof. Josef M.Döller.
Singing and choral conducting took him to Gleisdorf in 2013. Here he taught singing and worked as an assistant of the Choirmaster Prof. Franz Jochum.
In 2016 this collaboration with Prof.Jochum resulted with the Vienna Orthodox Church choir and this led him to Geneva, where he became a soloist of the Orthodox Mass .
Bálint Kasza has been choirmaster of the "Singkreis Bad Waltersdorf" in Bad Waltesdorf since 2012 and "" in Leibnitz since 2015, with whom he performed choral musik throughout the country.
In 2018 he founded his own orchestra named "Balint Kasza - Verdi Orchestra" and is currently preparing a lot of concerts with them throughout Austria and Europe. One of them is "Die Opern Gala" with the russian soprano Natalia Ushakova,which will be held on the 5th of May 2018. in the Stefaniensaal in Graz and "Die Grosse Giuseppe Verdi Gala" in the Schlossberg Kasemattenbühne on the 28th of June 2018.