Konstantinos Stefanou

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Konstantinos Stefanou


Konstantinos Stefanou
Personal facts:
Name: Konstantinos Stefanou Birthday: 04/13/1968
Birthplace: Nikea, Athens,Attica Nationality: Greek
Address: Kasou 11, 14652 Kifisia

Contact: +30/ 6944473132-2108080679 Email
October 1991: Study of Cl.Harmony by N.Panagiotakis January 1995: Diploma of Classical Harmony February 1995: Study in Counterpoint
February 1997:Diploma in Counterpoint
February 1997: Study in Fugue
January 1999: Diploma in Fugue
February 1999: Study in Composition by Th.Antoniou June 2004:Diploma in Composition by Michael Travlos
Represented Competitions
• Athens, 2002 participation in >Competition for modern Composers.
• Alexandroupoli1 2003 thipnos guitar piano
• Athens, 2004 Concert for Guitar, Flute, Piano,
Trombone with Photography projection.
• Haidari Athens, 2005 Concert for Guitar, Flute, Piano, Cello, Soprano
• Athens, 2005 Concert for Solo Piano (5 Pieces)
In MARTa Herford 2006 (Germany) Concert with title Five
senses of war:
• Solo Piano (5 Pieces)
• Kotokores: Piano, 2 Trombones
• Spires: Soprano, Double-bass, Violin, Clarinet, T-
Trombone, Piano, Percussion
• Anagoes: Soprano, Hannover Sinfonietta
• Wakhies: Hannover Sinfonietta
• Musikschule Schaumburger Μärcensänger 2007 she shine 1 4 Cello
• 14-5-2007 Megaron music Athens Anagoes Kamerata String orchestra
• 12-2007 Hannover, she shine II.
• 21/1/2008 Ν.Iraklion Athens the Great concert of the
• 29/3/2008 Athens Atheneum Music Hall Makarioi
for mix chorus.
• 20/1/2009 Megaron Music Athens Kamerata String Orchestra Little Heart, Piano concert with Orchestra
• 23/1/2010 Parnassus music Hall Analoga Antiloga Piano and saxophone
• 29/1/2010 Alexandroupoli Solo Piano (5 Pieces) 14/3/2010 Mpenaki museum Kotokores 2trb-Piano
Orchestra of Colors .29/2/2012Atheneum,Piano-B.clarinet-Soprano
the river poetry M.Pratik
• Compositions for the Theatre – and Dance musical Ensemble >Metehmio< for the Pieces: >Iskiathon< 1997 und >I want to see you change < 1998, Athens.
• Music for theatre comedy 2010 spek spek German.
• Music master for Guitar lessons on Private schools,
Athens 1997 – 2001.
• Music master on Primary schools for Guitar lessons
and music theory Athens 2002 – 2011.