Elizaveta Zapolskikh

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Elizaveta Zapolskikh


My name is Elizaveta Zapolskikh, I am a opera singer (High soprano coloratura).I graduated from the Gnesin Russian Academy of music 2011.

I sang the following roles in the Teatro Palatenda, (Italy) and Moscow Youth Opera Theatre:

1 W.A. Мozart – “Die Zauberflöte” – Die Königin der Nacht (2017, Teatro Palatenda, Italy)

2 G. Rossini – “La scala di seta” – Giulia (2017, Moscow Youth Opera Theatre)

3 N. Rimsky-Korsakov – “Christmas eve” – Oksana (2015-2016, Moscow Youth Opera Theatre)

4 W.A. Мozart – “Die Zauberflöte” – Die Königin der Nacht (2015-2017, Moscow Youth Opera Theatre)

5 G. Verdi – “Traviata” – Violetta (2014, Moscow Youth Opera Theatre)

6 Offenbach – “Les contes d’Hoffmann” – Olympia (2013, Moscow Youth Opera Theatre)

7 G. Puccini – “La Bohème” – Musetta (2011, Gnessin Russian Academy of Music)

I would like to ask you if you will arrange an audition for your Agency in the near future. I would love to be involved.

And also, if you urgently need a Queen of the night in the magic flute of Mozart or soprano coloratura for other high Opera parties, I am always ready to perform in a theater or concert.

I am sending you to my video:

Also, please check out my video:

- Mozart. Die zweite Arie der Königin der Nacht aus der Oper "Die Zauberflöte".

- A. Salieri. "Ah, Lo Sento". Aria di Europa dall'opera "L'Europa Riconosciuta".

- N. Rimskiy-Korsakov. Queen Shemakhan's aria from opera "The Golden Cockerel"
Thank you in advance!

Sincerely, Elizaveta.
+7 (916) 823 29 86