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Marijana Sovran

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Marijana Sovran


Marijana Šovran was born in Kotor (MNE).She graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade (SRB) in class of Radmila Smiljanić.Then she graduated the master stady at the Music Academy in Belgrade(SRB) in class of Radmila Smiljanić.
Experience in the business:
Premiere with role Vitellia with Mozart's short version of the opera ,,La clemenza di Tito'' on March, 2015.
Concert performance of some parts of the opera Don Giovanni with the role of Zerlina in ,,Kolarčeva Zadužbina'' on 21th of February, 2015.
Premiere with role Amore with Monteverdi's opera ,,L'incoronazione di Poppea'' on 15th of June,2014.
Concert ,Monteverdi i venecijanska barokna ekstravaganca '' at the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade(SRB) on the 18th of November, 2013.
Concert ,,Njegoš nebom osijan'' at the National Theatre in Belgrade(SRB) on the 13th of November, 2013.
The final concert of Baroque Academy no.3 by Marijana Mijanović and Predrag Gosta at the Etnographic Museum in Belgrade(SRB) on the 1st of November, 2013.
Concert ,,Opersko stasavanje'' at the National Theatre in Belgrade(SRB) on the 24th of May, and in June, 2013.
Concert ,,Prolećni glasovi'' at the National Theatre in Belgrade(SRB) on the 12th of May, 2013.guided by conductor Ana Zorana Brajović.
Concert in Sava Center (SRB) ,, День Победы’’ on the 9th of May, 2013.
Concert of opera studio ,,Borislav Popović'' in honor of 80 years of the Russian House in Belgrade(SRB) on the 11th of April, 2013.
Christmas concert at the National Theatre in Podgorica(MNE) on the 21st of December, 2012, sang solo with 150 people from five different choirs.
Member of the opera studio ,,Borislav Popović’’at the National Theatre in Belgrade (from 2010-2012)
The final concert of master studies at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade(SRB) with the role Musetta with the Puccini's opera ,,La Boheme'' on 27th of September, 2012.
Premiere with three small roles (La Cercatrice, la Novizia, la Conversa ) with Puccini's opera ,,Suor Angelica'' at the National Theatre in Belgrade(SRB) on 4th of June, 2012.
Festival ,,Kotor Art'' on the 18th of July, 2012.(MNE) with the organist Pavel Kohout and Jelena Marković (soprano).
Concert in Sava Center (SRB) ,,Najlepse pesme Rusije’’ (The most beautiful songs from Russia), she sang with the soloists of Bolshoi Theater 2011.
Several solo performances with the choir Krsmanac-Obilić conducted by Darinka Matić Marović.
Participation in charity concert for the restoration for many religions Cristian monuments in 2010.
Charity solo concert for the Department for persons with hearing and speech impairments in Kotor(MNE) in 2009.
Graduation solo concert in Kotor(Montenegro) in 2006.
Some of the many awards:
Third award at international competition ‘CONCORSO INTERNAZIONALE MUSICA SACRA’ in Rome ( Italy ) in 2010.
First award in the category of opera duets in Herceg Novi(MNE) 2010.Third award at international competitions of young musicians 'Petar Konjović’ in Belgrade(SRB)in 2010.
First award in the competition ,,BrunaŠpiler’’in Herceg Novi(MNE) 2010.
First award in the competition ,,Bruna Špiler’’in Herceg Novi (MNE)2009.
First award in the international competition ,,Bruna Špiler’’in Herceg Novi(MNE)2008.
Gold lira to the Youth Festival in Kotor, Montenegro 2007.
Fifth award in an international competition ,,Nikola Cvejić’’in Ruma(SRB)
in 2006.
Second award in the competition of lyrical singers ,,Lazar Jovanović’’ in Belgrade(SRB) in 2006.
Second award in a competition of lyrical singers ,,Lazar Jovanović’’ in Belgrade(SRB)
in 2005.
Second awrd at the Festival of Young of Montenegro in Cetinje in 2005.
Master Class in Belgrade in the class Katherine Haataja (OPEROSA) in May, 2014.
Young singers opera scene workshop with dramaturg Morten K.Roesen in 2014 and 2015. ( Opera ,,La clemenza di Tito'')
Master Class in Belgrade in the class Darina Takova(OPEROSA)in May,2015.
Master Class I, III and VI Baroque Academy in the class Predrag Gosta and Marijana Mijanović in 2012, 2013. and 2015.
Master Class in Croatia in Dubrovnik in the class prof.Radmila Smiljanić in January, 2010.
Other activities:
Member of the choir and soloists 'Serbian singer Society' in Kotor for ten years.She sings in Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.