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Piano Duo Monti & Bianco

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Piano Duo Monti & Bianco


Monti & Bianco
Piano Duo
Federica Monti and Fabio Bianco’s partnership began in 2007, with the conferment with honours of
the 2nd Level Academic Diploma in “Musical Disciplines” at the “S. Pietro a Majella” Music
Conservatory in Naples.
Both musicians come from considerable experience both as soloists and as chamber musicians, yet
they have discovered in a brief space of time that they are able to unite their musical talents in a
highly natural manner.
They immediately gained positive approbation at exhibitions, festivals and music seasons, and at
national and international concerts.
Under the guidance right from the beginning of Valeria Lambiase, instructor in Chamber Music at
the Music Conservatory of Naples, they were admitted in 2007 to the class of M° Pier Narciso
Masi at the Academy of Music at Florence.
From 2007 to 2012 they were winners of multiple National and International Competitions :
Second Prize (1st not awarded) at the “ Città di Camerino ” Young Musicians’ Competition;
Absolute First Prize at the “Città di Bacoli” 13th Competition, piano four hands category;
In March 2008, they won the 2nd Prize (1st not awarded) at the 15th edition of the “ Giulio
Rospigliosi” Competition , piano four hands category;
In April 2009, they won 2nd prize at the 10th edition of the “ Riviera Etrusca” ( Piombino)
Competition, piano four hands category;
In October 2009, they won the 2nd Prize (1st and 3rd not awarded) at the 19th International Piano
Competition “Roma 2009”, piano four hands category
In October 2011 , they won the First Prize at the 21th International Piano Competition “Roma
2011”, two piano category.
Their performances have always been distinguished for their refinement of interpretation, their
fervor and freshness, and a brilliance and vigour brought to the language of chamber music which
derives not just from musical experience, but also from a profound and intimate union.
In June 2009, they received the Biennial DIPLOMA (2007/2009) in Academy Mastery for
Musicians with M° Pier Narciso Masi at the Academy of Music of Florence and in the same month
they were admitted at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Munich where they are studying
with the renowned Tal - Groethuysen piano duo.
The Duo Monti & Bianco is regularly invited to perform at Musical Season and Festival
throughout Italy and Europe : Napoli , Roma ; Ravello ; Reggio Emilia ; Procida ; Ischia; Massa
Marittima; Belluno ; Firenze; Piove di Sacco ; Pistoia; Sorrento; Gragnano ; Trieste ; Barletta;
Nuoro; Gaeta; Ercolano; Fondi; Lamezia Terme ; Formia ; Mantova ; Munich of Bavaria ;
Grafelfing ( Munchen) ; Lugano ( Swiss ) ; Marina di Pietrasanta ; Mantova ;
Torre del Greco; Crystal Hall Rogaska Slatina ( Slovenia) ;
In a brief period of time they extended their repertoire, which ranges from Bach to contemporary
music and it includes the most important compositions for piano 4 hands and for 2 pianos .
Since the beginning, however, the Duo has given particular importance to the discovery of
important and fascinating works from the piano 4 hands repertory which have been unjustly
forgotten , such as works by Carl Reinecke , Joseph Rheinberger , Hermann Goetz , Max Reger .
They have always been applauded by both the public and critics alike as musicians with a great
communication skills and with an elegant and intimate union. Throughout the years, the Duo has
been appreciated for their brilliant technique , passion and intimacy , and for the remarkable quality
of their sound .
Recently , the Duo debuted in Munich of Bavaria in the Großen Konzertsaal of the
Musikhochschule receiving critics and public successful , with programs for two pianos and piano 4
hands .
In February 2011 the Duo was invited to play in the prestigious “ Klavier Festival” in Monaco of
Bavaria with the rare performance of the Reinecke’ s Sonata op. 35 for piano 4 Hands .
In May 2011 , the Duo debuted in the “ Scarlatti Hall” at the Conservatory of Naples “ S. Pietro a
Majella” with the Concert op. 153 by C. Czerny for piano 4 hands and Orchestra.
In July 2011 the Duo received the “ Meisterklassediplom” at the Hochschule für Musik und
Teather of Munich in the class of the Duo Tal – Groethuysen .
In October 2011 , Federica Monti and Fabio Bianco won the First Prize at the 21th
International Piano Competition “Roma 2011”, Two Piano category.
In May 2012 the Duo won the Second Prize at the “Bradshaw & Buono International
Piano Competition”- New York , Piano 4 Hands category .
In July 2012 the Duo was invited to play at the Klavier Marathon Rogaska ( Slovenia) in the
famous Krystal Hall where Liszt played in 1846 .