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Oleg Boyko

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Oleg Boyko


Oleg Boyko borned in 1976 in Mariupol. After ending of Chernigov musical college the name of Revutsky, in 1996 entered National Musical Academy of Ukraine, which made off in 2001 (class of the professor Mihajlenko).
From 1995 year actively takes part in international festivals and competitions: Warsaw (Poland, 2 prize), Berlin (Germany, Gran-pry), Parma (Italy,1 prize), Lyon (France, 2 bonuses), Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany, Gran-pry) et al.
Studied at Summers Schools of Bach, Saltzburg (Austria), Dusseldorf (Germany); at High Schools of Music, Frankfurt-am-Main (Germany), Rome (Italy). Studied in master classes of prominent guitarists of world: Manuel Baruecco (USA), John Willams (Australia), Stefano Cardi (Italy), Carlo Marchione (Italy), David Russel (Great Britain), Aniello Desiderio (Italy).
Oleg actively tours on the countries of near foreignness and Western Europe. His programs include different styles – from a baroque (J. S. Bach, G. P. Telemann, D. Scarlatti, G. P. Handel) to modern music (J. Rodrigo, F.Kleynjans , R. Dyens, L. Brouwer, N. Koshkin); from Spanish and Latin-American music (I. Albeniz, E. Granados A. Barrios, A. Piazzolla) to jazz and blues.
Comes forward with different bands, strings quartets, symphonic orchestras. Working as a member of jury regional and international competitions.
Have recorded 7 solos CDs.
From 2003 year playing on an instrument by German master Dieter Hopf – «La Portentosa Grande Furioso».
Presently (from 2000 year) works as a teacher on the class of guitar of Chernigov music college.