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Ivana Janosevic | Operosa


Ivana Janosevic

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Ivana Janosevic


Student 3rd year of Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade
Member of the opera studio in the National theatre in Belgrade
Graduated engineer of Architectura-master, University in Belgrade

Master classes:
Like active member:
1. David Bizic (may 2013.)
2. Belgrade Baroque Academy, with Marijana Mijanovic, contralto and conductor Predrag Gosta (October 2013.)
Like passive member:
1. Marijana Mijanovic, contralto (Belgrade, October 2011.)
2. Dou Alterno “La voce contemporanea in Italia” (Belgrade, Sept. 2012.)
3. David Bizic (Belgrade, November, 2013.)

Numerous concerts and projects, and the most important are:
1. SKC (Belgrade, may 2012.)
2. National Theatre, Belgrade, Stage performance of famous arias (may and june 2013.)
3. National Theatre, Belgrade, member of a choir in Purcell`s opera “Dido and Aeneas” (june 2013.)
4. Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade (October 2013.)
5. Belgrade Harpsichord Festival, Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade (November 2013.)
6. Nis, New Year`s gala concert with Naissus Youth Philharmony, maestro Zoran Andric (January 2014.)
7. Ethnographic Museum, Belgrade (March 2014.)