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Milica Markovic

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Milica Markovic


Personal Information Details: Milica Markovic,from Belgrade,Serbia.
Date of birth: August 15,1995
E mail:
Education : "Jenko High School of Music” Year :2nd
“Stankovic High School of Music” Year:3th
Professor: Ljubica Zivkovic
Voice type: Soprano
Performances: * I am a member of ansamble "Operetika" since 2012 and quite recently I started to play the role of Snow White in opera for children - 'Snow White'. *
*2013 - Solo performance at the concert on the school "Jenko" in Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra *
* 2013 - Solo performance at the "Boljshoj festival" of Russian classical music and film *
* 2014 - Solo performance at the concert on the school "Stankovic" in Kolarac,singing a Virgin Mary,rejoice by composer Aleksandar Simic *
Awards: • In 2013 won the 1st place in the 1st category for solo performance on the International Vocal Competition ,“Lazar Jovanovic” •
• In 2013 won the 1st place in 1st category on Republican contest schools in Serbia. •
• In 2012 won the 2nd place on the International Vocal Competition,“Lazar Jovanovic” •