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Evgeny Voronovsky | Operosa


Evgeny Voronovsky

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Evgeny Voronovsky


violinist and composer

Studies (as violinist):

Master studies:

Moscow State Conservatory

Year of graduation:


Professor of instrument:


Basic studies:

Central Music School, Moscow

Year of Graduation:


Professor of instrument:


. Working expirience:

1994-1997: Concertmeister of 2th violins in the Worldwide Youth Symphonic Orchestra; conductor- professor Leonid Nikolaev.

1997-2002: violinist in a group of 1th violins in the Symphonic Orchestra of the Big Hall of Moscow Conservatory; conductor- professor Leonid Nikolaev.

2005- 2007: violinist in a group of 1th violins in the Chamber Orchestra of a Pavel Slobodkin's Сulture Сentre; conductor- professor Leonid Nikolaev.

2007-2010: violinist in a group of 1th violins in a Symphonic Orchestra of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia; conductor-Felix Aranovskiy.

2013- present: violinist in a group of 1th violins in the Montenegrin Symphonic Orchestra.

as Composer:


1999-2001, Theremin Centre, Moscow

Working experience:

1998- present:

freelance composer for cartoons, commercials, theatre and experimental movies and sound producer for some rock bands.

Author of internationally known project CISFINITUM, one of the most famous russian acts in post-industrial music.