Vasco Pereira

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Portuguese conductor and composer, has premiered works by great artists from various parts of Europe and the World. He works with artists like the italian flutist Rita D'Arcangelo, the spanish clarinets quartet "Cuarteto de Clarinetes Vert", the brazilian Clarinets Quartet Omega, the french sopranos Cécile Bonnet and Sabine Steffan, the polish soprano Anna Emanuela, the portugueses Rita Moldão, Cátia Moreso, the italian quintet "I Cinque Elementi - wind quintet", the portuguese string quartet ADLIB, the portuguese male choir Ensemble Introitus, the female choir Coro Feminino de Lisboa,the ilalian soprano Maria Laura Martorana who composed "Le Canzone di Sarastro" for soprano solo and interaction of the public. Is the founder and the director artistic and musical of Cameratta Iberica - quintet and the portuguese choir, Coral Públia Hortênsia de Castro. Natalia Mogilevskaya
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