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Tarik Benouarka | Operosa


Tarik Benouarka

The Operosa Forum is dedicated to promoting dynamic classical music and opera talent

Franco-Algerian artist, i am a multi instrumentalist, pianist and player of the arab lute and an eclectic composer with works in many areas of music, from classical to contemporary, film score to live performance.
Some examples of recents creations include:
-the arabic opera : El Nafas
-original music of the Wyld, Thierry Mugler show for Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin
-Days and Nights of the Heart Tree: a symphonic work dedicated and played by El Nour Wal amal, an unique orchestra of blind egyptian women

Born in Algiers, i began studying music at the age of four before continuing my apprenticeship in France studying classical, Arabic and jazz music.
I discovered the world of studios and the stage very early, giving my first concerts and recording at the age of 12.

I try to create a multi-coloured musical world tinted by the Orient and Occident.
I play with both sounds and words(i write my librettos) to express my musicality, sensitivity and my own fantasy.
A series of high profile collaborations(Testino,Mugler,Higelin,Jacno,Tahar,Beyonce,Cirque du Soleil) have built my artistic universe