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Dominik Jaksic | Operosa


Dominik Jaksic

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Dominik Jaksic (1995, Slovenia) has began his formal musical education in 2001, learning violin and piano and later (2004) also accordeon at the lower music school in Radeče (SLO). He completed studies in 2010 when enrolled for a Conservatory of music and ballet in Ljubljana (SLO) to study composition and music theory. After four years he graduated.

At the age of 4, he has conducted the symphony orchestra for the first time. His grandma has been leading the lower school's symphony orchestra in Hrastnik (SLO) and has allowed him to conduct three easy pieces.

In the present Dominik is choirmaster of a men's choir in Sedraž near Rimske Toplice (SLO), and artistic director of a festival, named "Music afternoon with Anton Lajovic" in Vače (SLO).