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Aleksandar Novicki

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Aleksandar Novicki


I was born 8.6.1991 in Belgrade. Primary and secondary music education I gained at the music school "Vojislav Vuckovic" in Belgrade with prof. Biljana Stevanovic, instrument - violin. At the same time I finished the elementary music school "Jovan Bandur" in Pancevo, an instrument - the piano with prof. Maja Boskovic. Music High School "Vojislav Vuckovi " I finished 2009 years. That same year I enrolled Music Academy in Belgrade, Department of - violin with prof. Maja Jokanovic. I graduated in 2013. After graduation, I enrolled in master studies in the same class.
I participated in several competitions and festivals at home and abroad, among which the most important are: international competition "Alma Cornea Ionsecu" (Timisoara - Romania), an international competition of chamber ensembles (Castelfidardo - Italy), national competition in Belgrade, competition strings (Sremska Mitrovica).
As a high school student and I attended seminars and classes with famous professors: prof. Ana Meljnik (Ukraine), prof. Irina Jashvili (Georgia), prof. Maja Jokanovic (Serbia), prof. Stefan Milenkovic (Serbia).
As a member of the chamber orchestra, "Tango Juventud" since 2005 I appeared in many cities across Serbia, Italy, where we held a number of concerts and we have participated several times in,, Belgrade Tango Festival". As a member of the Symphony Orchestra of high school and the Symphony Orchestra Academy I also had numerous concerts in Serbia and abroad (Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, etc.). During his studies with the Symphony Orchestra Academy, we had lots of important performances and projects at "Kolarac" and "Sava Centre", and we have received a significant award "Music classics" for 2013.
Since 2001 to 2007 I was a member of the children's choir "RTS" with which the had numerous concerts and tour in Serbia and abroad. We performed several major projects and I worked with renowned conductors such as Z. Mehta, V. Kranjčević, B. Sudjic. In 2008 I was a member of the Youth Symphony Orchestra "Zort". In 2010 years I was a member of the chamber orchestra Camerata "Pancevo".