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Aleksandar Novakovic | Operosa


Aleksandar Novakovic

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Aleksandar Novakovic


Graduated from Belgrade Faculty of Music, class of prof. Aneta Ilic.

Choir member and soloist at RTS Choir since 2000. As soloist collaborated with Mladen Jagust, Vladimir Kranjcevic, Darinka Matic-Marovic, Bojan Sudjic, Stanko Jovanovic...

Member of the vocal ensemble of Terazije Theater since 2006.

Worked at Chamber Opera Madlenianum in projects: The Quartet (R. Harwood), Pagliacci (R. Leoncavallo), L'elisir d'amore (G.Donizetti).

Member of the Baroque ensembles ""Nymbus" and "Putujuci sviraci".

Performed premiere stagings of operas "Petrograd" (B. Popovic) and "Teleportacijska svita za operu Zvezdani grad - Jurijev krug" (D. Jovanovic)