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Saleem Zoughbi | Operosa


Saleem Zoughbi

The Operosa Forum is dedicated to promoting dynamic classical music and opera talent

Saleem is an academic in the field of information and digital ‎technology, yet he is a ‎musicologist ‎from Palestine. he is one of the main founders of the Academy. His domain is mostly classical and digital, musicology and composition.
He is active in the field of intercultural dialog, ‎with particular ‎emphasis on music in ‎all its kinds,
He wrote few books about the history of music, ‎‎and about harmony and counterpoint, in Arabic to ‎promote music education in ‎Palestine.
His ‎activities include analysis of composition and promoting the ‎awareness ‎among the community.
‎He participated in several concerts and shared ‎music lectures.
In addition he composes ‎music and ‎he has written chamber music ‎for strings and for piano as well.
He is active within the community ‎for ‎Bethlehem ‎Academy of Music.
Since November 2014 he is elected as president of the Executive committee for a term of three years.
Currently he is working on an anthology of classical music ‎‎composed by modern ‎Arab composers. ‎