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Milan Jovic

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Milan Jovic


Jovic Milan,born in Kravljevo,Serbia where he finished elementary and secondary music school,class of profesor Vesna Dimitrijevic.He continued his further education at the University of Arts in Nis,where he earned Bachelor and Master diploma,class of Jovan Bogosavljevic(a student of Dragutin Bogosavljevic and Igor Oistrakh). He performed both as a soloist and chamber music performer across Serbia and abroad,but he found and aquired the true afirmation and experience playing in the orchestra as a concertmaster of Youth Philharmony of Naissus.
The greatest accomplishments and concerts:

1. Italy tour(Rome,Florence, 2011)

2.Czech Republich (Mayakovsky hall,golden medal at the competition of Youth Orchestras in 2012)

3.Vienna( Musikverein -Golden hall, 4th place in the World competition of Youth Orchestras on Summa Cum Laude festival in 2013)

4.Bratislava( Gold medal in the World competition of the Youth Orchestras in the category up to 35 years in 2015)

As a concertmaster he played at the Nis 's Choir Opening Ceremony( Constantinus Chamber Orchestra).

As a member of the Chamber String Orchestra "Hibridi" he performed at Nimus music festival in 2013,where the ensemble got fantastic reviews. He also performed with the world-famous violinist Nemanja Radulovic playing in the aforementioned ensemble in 2013.

During the studies,he worked part-time as a member of first violins at Nis Symphony Orchestra where he erned great experience.

He also work in "Makris" orchestra as a memeber of first violins.

He currently works as a member of first violins in Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra.