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Masa Babic

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Masa Babic


Maša Babić was born on 21.01.1990. in Zagreb and grew up in Belgrade. After finishing secondary music school at very young age of 16, she entered Music Academy. She graduated from bachelor and master studies in the class of Prof. Lidija Stanković at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade at the age of only 21. Specialisation in Chamber music she finished in 2013 in class from Prof. Jasna Tucovic.
During her studies she often performed at home and abroad wining many awards and honors. Some of the most important awards are "Nikolai Rubinstein", Paris (2000); international competition Verbania, Italy (2005); chamber music national competition (2003. and 2006.); second place at national competition (2005); international competition "Davorin Jenko" in three categories - piano solo and piano duo (2008) and piano trio (2009); numerous national and international awards. Her personal favorite is first prize at the music festival in Marseilles (2008).
In 2009. she was one of 1000 best students in Serbia. She performed Jewish traditional music with "Braća Baruh" choir many times in the last few years.
She attended master classes by: Arbo Valdma, Vladimir Stojnić, Mirjana Rajić, Lidija Bizjak and Igor Laszko.
She performed in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, UK. She has participated as a piano accompanist in International orchestral academy Stari grad 2009 (Stari Grad, Hvar) and as an official accompanist Wendy Max string course (2012-2016).
Since October 2013 she moved to Graz to continue her education on Master studies for piano trio in class from Prof. Chia Chou. From this year she is also in class from Prof. Ayami Ikeba for instrumental pedagogic for pianist. She finished her Chamber music studies in 2016. Now she is working in Music school in Belgrade as piano accompanist and regulary performing in many different ansembles in her country and abroad.