Barac Vanessa

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Barac Vanessa


With German-Hungarian roots Vanessa grew up in Transylvania, Romania where her family influenced Vanessa since a very early age.

Her German grandfather had a wonderful Tenor voice and was a big fan of opera music while her German grandmother was an actress at a very young age with a wonderful Mezzo-Soprano voice. Both families were German Count families.

Her father was one of the biggest singers in Hungary while her mother possessed a beautiful operatic voice and her aunt a folk singer.

Vanessa started playing piano when she was only two years old
and experienced her first piano teacher Nemes Ildiko who already then described her as an amazing talent that must have been born with a violin in her hands under a piano. Ever since her teacher has accompanied Vanessa at her Violin exams and recitals as well.

Vanessa picked up the violin at three years of age with support of her Aunt. At the age of four she performed her first Violin Concerto named Oscar Rieding, violin concerto op35 b minor for violin and piano (full concerto, 3 movements)

At the age of 5 she played Allegro by Fiocco.

Simultaneously she started imitating the sopranos that her mother was listening to. Maria Callas was one of her favorites.
Miraculously the instruments she did not need to learn she just started playing them.

At the age of seven years she started with professional violin lessons by Kulcsar Bela who is also a conductor. Since day one they met he named her Mozart. At the age of 16 she stopped the lessons after she played La Campanella by Paganini so perfectly he could not teach anything more.

Between the age of 10 and 11 she started to play guitar, bass guitar, cello, drums and flute.

At the age of 14 Vanessa conducted the Biggest Cathedral’s
Choir in Neumarkt-Siebenburgen Transilvany.

From age of 12 to 16 every Wednesday performed with the Chamber Orchestra as soloist and 1st Violin leader

In 2010 Vanessa represented Romania five times in Hungarian Idol named Megasztar5 and performed songs like Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Rehab by Amy Winehouse in her own unique style.

This showed she is able to bring classical music into the modern era on a whole new level.

Still only at the age of 17 years and she is classically trained and attended the school of Art where she deepened her love for the violin.

Her musical talent not only translated to mastering the many instruments she also developed into a Soprano Lirico. Easily singing the highest notes up to 4C.
At the same time she can sing fluent in the following languages; German, English, Italian, Hungarian, French, Spanish and Romanian

Getting around on classical grounds with the national orchestra of Siebenbürgen, Vanessa fell in love with opera music. Don’t miss this virtuous talent on stage! She is a true opera soprano.

At this stage in her career you can probably best describe her as the face of an angel with the voice of a Diva.

In recent years Vanessa also played a few festivals such as the Siebenburgen Neumarkt FESTIVAL with a 3000 capacity audience.

She has also been invited on several occasions to perform
At the Palace of Culture Targu Mures Transilvanya for the Hungarian minister named Kover Laszlo.

Many recitals at the palace of culture Romania more than 20 performances as a soloist and some as conductor and soloist.

In 2013 the talents of Vanessa started to get a lot of attention in the classical world including respected soprano’s who cannot believe the talents of this very young woman.

This resulted in signing a global management agreement providing her the support to work towards her first album and many more
live performances. She has all assets to make it to the top.
Vanessa Barac: Music means everything to me. I’ve composed music & sang since my early childhood. My biggest goal is to inspire other people with my music! ======
Vanessa Barac: "I`m not the Devils violinist,im Niccolo Paganini in person"