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Natalia Di Bartolo

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Natalia Di Bartolo


17th March 2013. at 17:22

Natalia Di Bartolo



The pronunciation needs to be perfect in singing Italian Opera (like all works of other nationalities). It 's too important to coordinate the correct pronunciation with the musical texture. I think it is essential that a singer let himself to be guided by an expert to be impeccable on stage in the world.

18th March 2013. at 18:53

Natalia Di Bartolo

Thank you, Pirkko Virtanen. This is my work and i'ld like that many managers agree my idea. I think that a language and vocal coach should be present in the most important and prestigious productions and Opera Theaters and be helpful to the singers and of course the perfect staging of the show, for the Art of Music and listeners more attentive and rightly demanding.